TBDA Featured at Grand Challenges 2023

The TBDA was featured in Bill Gates’ opening remarks at the 2023 Grand Challenges Meeting in Dakar, Senegal. Watch here at (3:58).

“Consider the work on Tuberculosis. The first effort led by Douglas Young of Imperial College was to develop new drugs for latent TB. That work drove the creation of a consortium that we call the TB drug accelerator. It’s a private public partnership with 25 members that has done most of the work that leads to us now having a very robust TB drug pipeline. I am optimistic that we’ll have new TB drug regiments that we desperately need. Today’s treatment is a 6 month course of 4 antibiotics with significant side effects. It’s hard for patients to keep up with and drug resistance is getting worse, but with next generation drugs we’ll have shorter treatment, safer treatment, and more effective treatment.”