The genetic requirements of fatty acid import by within macrophages.

eLife, Volume: 8
February 8, 2019
Evgeniya V Nazarova EV, Christine R Montague CR, Lu Huang L, Thuy La T, David Russell D, Brian C VanderVen BC

(Mtb) imports and metabolizes fatty acids to maintain infection within human macrophages. Although this is a well-established paradigm, the bacterial factors required for fatty acid import are poorly understood. Previously, we found that LucA and Mce1 are required for fatty acid import in Mtb (Nazarova et al., 2017). Here, we identified additional Mtb mutants that have a reduced ability to import a fluorescent fatty acid substrate during infection within macrophages. This screen identified the novel genes as and as be necessary for fatty acid import and confirmed the central role for Rv3723/LucA and putative components of the Mce1 fatty acid transporter (Rv0200/OmamB, Rv0172/Mce1D, and Rv0655/MceG) in this process.

Courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine