Spectinamides are effective partner agents for the treatment of tuberculosis in multiple mouse infection models.

The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy, Volume: 72, Issue: 3
March 1, 2017
Gregory T Robertson GT, Michael S Scherman MS, David F Bruhn DF, Jiuyu Liu J, Courtney Hastings C, Michael R McNeil MR, Michelle M Butler MM, Terry L Bowlin TL, Robin B Lee RB, Richard E Lee RE, Anne J Lenaerts AJ

New drug regimens employing combinations of existing and experimental antimicrobial agents are needed to shorten treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in humans. The spectinamides are narrow-spectrum semisynthetic analogues of spectinomycin, modified to avoid intrinsic efflux by Mycobacterium tuberculosis . Spectinamides, including lead 1599, have been previously shown to exhibit a promising therapeutic profile in mice as single agents. Here we explore the in vivo activity of lead spectinamides when combined with other agents.

Courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine