Serial measurement of M. tuberculosis in blood from critically-ill patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis.

EBioMedicine, Volume: 78
April 21, 2022
David A Barr DA, Charlotte Schutz C, Avuyonke Balfour A, Muki Shey M, Mireille Kamariza M, Carolyn R Bertozzi CR, Timothy J de Wet TJ, Ryan Dinkele R, Amy Ward A, Kathryn A Haigh KA, Jean-Paul Kanyik JP, Valerie Mizrahi V, Mark P Nicol MP, Robert J Wilkinson RJ, David G Lalloo DG, Digby F Warner DF, Graeme Meintjes G, Gerry Davies G

Despite being highly prevalent in hospitalised patients with severe HIV-associated tuberculosis (TB) and sepsis, little is known about the mycobacteriology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bloodstream infection (MTBBSI). We developed methods to serially measure bacillary load in blood and used these to characterise MTBBSI response to anti-TB therapy (ATT) and relationship with mortality.

Courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine