Rv0684/, an Essential Gene, Is the Target of Fusidic Acid and Its Derivatives in .

ACS infectious diseases, Volume: 7, Issue: 8
August 13, 2021
Vinayak Singh V, Godwin Akpeko Dziwornu GA, Amanda Mabhula A, Kelly Chibale K

Tuberculosis (TB), caused by , is a major global health concern given the increase in multiple forms of drug-resistant TB. This underscores the importance of a continuous pipeline of new anti-TB agents. Drug repurposing has shown promise in expanding the therapeutic options for TB chemotherapy. Fusidic acid (FA), a natural product-derived antibiotic, is one such candidate for repurposing. The present study aimed to understand the mechanism of action of FA and its selected analogs in . By using chemical biology and genetics, we identified elongation factor G as the target of FA in . We showed essentiality of its encoding gene in by demonstrating that the transcriptional silencing of is bactericidal and in macrophages. Thus, this work validated a novel drug target FusA1 in .

Courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine