Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Seattle Children's Research Insititute

Center for Global Infectious Disease Research

Seattle, Washington USA

Member since 2020


Tanya Parish, PhD, Professor


  • Sultan Chowdhury
  • Arielle Butts
  • Lauren Ames
  • Eric Greve


Our current research is focused in two main areas: (i) understanding the biology of the global pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis; and (ii) discovering and developing novel drugs for tuberculosis (TB) that are effective at curing drug sensitive and drug resistant tuberculosis.

Our current fundamental research addresses mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, the mode of action of antibiotics and the investigation of essential cellular processes in mycobacteria.

Role & Expertise

Our role in the TBDA is to provide microbiological support to evaluate several novel chemical series for their potential as drug candidates for incorporation into a new drug regimen for tuberculosis. We work as a collaborative team to advance the most promising series based on biological and chemical properties. We have attractive chemical series which target cell wall biosynthesis, respiration, pH homeostasis, as well as those active against non-replicating and intracellular bacteria. We run all of the microbiological assays required to underpin compound progression from hit evaluation, lead generation and lead optimization and provide guidance and support for the team in decision-making. In addition, we work on target identification and mode of action for each high priority series using a combination of approaches.

Our applied work encompasses a range of early-stage drug discovery including assay development and high throughput screening, drug target identification and validation, and medicinal and synthetic chemistry.


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