Global Health Drug Discovery Institute


Global Health Drug Discovery Institute | 全球健康药物研发中心

Beijing, China

Member since 2019


Rumin Zhang, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer


  • Shuo Chen
  • Renhe Liu
  • E. Liang
  • Qian Zhao
  • Liangliang Zhou


  1. Xu, J.; Converse, P. J.; Upton, A. M.; Mdluli, K.; Fotouhi, N.; Nuermberger, E. L. Comparative Efficacy of the Novel Diarylquinoline TBAJ-587 and Bedaquiline against a Resistant Rv0678 Mutant in a Mouse Model of Tuberculosis. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2021, 65 (4).
  2. Yang, Y.; Xu, Y.; Yue, Y.; Wang, H.; Cui, Y.; Pan, M.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, L.; Li, H.; Xu, M.; Tang, Y.; Chen, S. Investigate Natural Product Indolmycin and the Synthetically Improved Analogue Toward Antimycobacterial Agents. ACS Chemical Biology 2022, 17 (1), 39–53.