An Innovative Partnership for TB Drug Discovery and Development

Breaking from traditional R&D practices, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions within the TBDA share compound libraries and data while working together to develop the best prospects—regardless of where the candidate originated. photo by John-Michael Maas for the TB Alliance (2021)


Consortium members have advanced several compounds into clinical studies and have been recognized for their work.

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Our membership comprises multinational institutions, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and government agencies

Recent Publications

The Tuberculosis Drug Accelerator at year 10: what have we learned?

Aldridge BB, Barros-Aguirre D, Barry CE 3rd, Bates RH, Berthel SJ, Boshoff HI, Chibale K, Chu XJ, Cooper CB, Dartois V, Duncan K, Fotouhi N, Gusovsky F, Hipskind PA, Kempf DJ, Lelièvre J, Lenaerts AJ, McNamara CW, Mizrahi V, Nathan C, Olsen DB, Parish T, Petrassi HM, Pym A, Rhee KY, Robertson GT, Rock JM, Rubin EJ, Russell B, Russell DG, Sacchettini JC, Schnappinger D, Schrimpf M, Upton AM, Warner P, Wyatt PG, Yuan Y.

Nat Med. 2021 Aug;27(8):1333-1337. doi: 10.1038/s41591-021-01442-2. 

Identification of beta-Lactams Active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis by a Consortium of Pharmaceutical Companies and Academic Institutions.

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ACS Infect Dis. 2022 Mar 11;8(3):557-573. doi: 10.1021/acsinfecdis.1c00570. Epub 2022 Feb 22.PMID: 35192346
Optimization of TAM16, a Benzofuran That Inhibits the Thioesterase Activity of Pks13; Evaluation toward a Preclinical Candidate for a Novel Antituberculosis Clinical Target.

Wilson C, Ray P, Zuccotto F, Hernandez J, Aggarwal A, Mackenzie C, Caldwell N, Taylor M, Huggett M, Mathieson M, Murugesan D, Smith A, Davis S, Cocco M, Parai MK, Acharya A, Tamaki F, Scullion P, Epemolu O, Riley J, Stojanovski L, Lopez-Román EM, Torres-Gómez PA, Toledo AM, Guijarro-Lopez L, Camino I, Engelhart CA, Schnappinger D, Massoudi LM, Lenaerts A, Robertson GT, Walpole C, Matthews D, Floyd D, Sacchettini JC, Read KD, Encinas L, Bates RH, Green SR, Wyatt PG.

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Courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine